Weir Clean up work party 7.2.16

Great turnout today for the work party down at the weir. Not everyone that took part managed to make into the photo. In approximately an hour and a half we managed to remove about a skip’s worth of rubbish – a real team effort. Next work party planned for when the river goes down where we will be concentrating on the bay area of the clean up 7.2.16

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AGM – Friday 15th April, 7pm

The AGM is being held on Friday 15th April 7.00pm at the Fairham Pub, Clifton, Nottingham NG11 8LT (next to the roundabout at the junction of Green Lane and Farnborough Road).

Agenda items include:

  • Why the new name “Trent Valley Angling”?
  • Update on the Water Quality improvements at Holme Pit
  • Update on the weed removal at Holme Pit
  • TVA membership prices for 2016/17
  • What your TVA membership money is spent on
  • HPAG Accounts 2015/16
  • Bait boats on Holme Pit
  • Work parties and attendance (future improvements to TVA waters)
  • Raffle – over £300.00 worth of top quality fishing tackle
  • Question and Answer session
  • Membership applications for 2016/17

The AGM is a great opportunity to meet other members, find out what’s planned over the next few seasons and who’s been catching what, where and when.

Over the next couple of weeks you’ll receive a membership renewal letter along with an 2016/17 TVA application form.

If you are applying for your permit at the AGM don’t forget to bring your completed application form, a SAE, your photos and a cheque or postal order made payable to Holme Pit Action Group

Please note – your application cannot be processed unless we have all the above – no cash please. Your permit will be posted to your during May.

If you do not wish to renew your membership this season and want your key deposit refunded, then please call John on 07976 794880.

The TVA web site is due to be updated later this week so keep an eye on it for further information and work party dates.

If you have any queries please email


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Weed Removal Project – Phase 2

Friday 4th March – Sunday 6th March

9am – 5pm down at Holme Pit
2nd Phase of the weed removal. All welcome – get all your work party requirements done in one weekend!
Once again Paul Middleton will be bringing his weedcutter boat along to remove more of the weed from the pond. Phase 1 was extremely successful and we hope that the phase 2 will be equally successful.
We really do need all hands on deck for this project, tea/coffee/refreshments will be provided throughout the day.

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Work Party 7th February 2016

The Weir Clean up

Litter Pick and general clean up down at the newest stretch of the river acquired by the group. Sunday 7th February, 2016. 10am start, meet at the hydro plant.
Please bring wellies and work gloves.
All welcome, remember as a condition of your membership you need to have done at least two work parties during the year.
​Any questions please feel free to contact us.

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New Website

At a recent committee meeting it was decided that we should rename the fishing side of the Holme Pit Action Group. We think this will reflect more accurately what the HPAG actually do, provide our members with more information, raise the profile of our quality waters and the important work you all do (not just the fishing). Our aim is to offer sensible anglers a quality place to fish in a clean and safe environment – your membership and support is critical to this.
The new web site is This new site is more focused on the fishing side and the old web site will be more focused on Holme Pit, its history and how and why the HPAG were formed.
From 2016 season, TVA members will be able to fish the Weir and around 800 metres downstream on the same annual permit. More info on the web site and to follow. Other waters are also being discussed.
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Further Weed photos

Group photo with the weed pile removed behind

john and carl (671x466)

John and Carl sporting rather ‘organic’ hairstyles!

john on weedcutter (800x533)

John, with Steve (the weedcutter operator), on the machine

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Pond Closed Until Friday 2nd October 2015

Following the completion of the weed removal on Saturday 26th September, members are asked not to fish the pond until next Friday (2nd October). Sorry for any inconvenience caused but you can still fish on our Trent stretches, ‘The Willows’, ‘The Pads’ and ‘Ferry Field’ – a chance to challenge yourself to a different type of fishing. This closure is in part to let oxygen levels return to normal and fish welfare reasons. Thank you very much for your cooperation and continued support.

Weed heap – day 4 from the field side – it is growing!

Weed heap – day 4 from the pond side

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                       Weed heap – day 3

Weed removal started Monday 21st September. By the close of play on Wednesday approximately 400 tonnes of blanket weed had been removed (pictured). It is thought that a further 250 tonnes will have been removed by the close of play on Friday. If you have any spare time over the following two days please feel free to pop down and lend a hand (Counts as a work party attendance). Many thanks to those that have been down already – your help has been much appreciated.

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Update 2015


We are holding a work party on Sunday 19th July at 10.00am. This will be dedicated to removing the invasive plant Himalayan Balsam which grows around the pond. This is essential management of the SSSI pond and something we have to do as part of the licence agreement with the landowner.

The plant grows to around 6ft tall (more in some locations), has pink flowers and is shallow rooted so very easy to pull up. You’ve probably heard the seed pods pop when they are touched or when it’s windy.  To stop it spreading, the best time to remove it is before it flowers and seeds, so this is an ideal time to do it. See below.

himalayan balsam (189x126)

All members are expected to attend at least 2 work party days per year so why not attend this one because compared to humping sleepers around the pond it’s easy, should take around 2/3 hours, so more hands the better.

All you need is a pair of gloves and a bin liner or 2 and you’re off. Hope to see you there at 10.00am.

Also, why not pull a few plants up when you’re fishing; something to do between runs and helps look after the pond at the same time.


As you probably know if you’ve been to Holme Pit recently, like many fisheries across the country, the pond is suffering from excessive weed growth. If this continues it will affect water quality, overall food chain, the important plant/weed species, not to mention the impact it will have on the fishery and members.

The Committee is currently in discussions with the landowner, Nott’s Wildlife Trust and English Nature. English Nature is responsible for all SSSI’s across the county, ensuring they are managed in accordance with their Management Plan and that no activities take place that may damage the SSSI status.

We have meeting with the above on Tuesday 21st July and will propose that we use Paul Middleton and his company to remove the excess weed. If everyone agrees we hope the work will be carried over autumn / winter, subject to formal consent from Natural England. This is a short term solution to keep the pond fishable while in the long-term we will be looking at what’s causing the weed growth.

As part of the long-term management plan, we have also started to take water samples from the inlet ditches and pond. These samples are being analysed by the Environment Agency labs and we’ll have the full results after the last samples are taken in January. This will hopefully show whether the nutrient levels are high and contributing to weed growth. If we can find the source of the nutrients then we can hopefully reverse the trend.

Over this summer (no date yet) the weed and aquatic plants are being surveyed and any important species will be recorded. After this we can start to plan the weed removal. Paul Middleton has agreed to come to Nottingham and undertake a site assessment, check boat access points, extent of the problem, what to do with the weed etc once cut and then he’ll provide a quote. From the photos we’ve sent him he doesn’t see a particular problem so that’s a good start, but we’ll know better once he’s had a look for himself; all we have to do then is find the money to pay for it – any contributions are more than welcome.


The lock on the gate near Bob Marshall’s / Burrows farm is changing on Monday 13th July at 5.00pm. If you haven’t already done so you will need to get your new “”XX” key for this lock – £10.00 deposit. Please contact either Mick 07981 363017 or John 07976 794880.

Please keep your existing “ED” key as there will be two gates on the lane. The ED key will fit the lock on the gate nearest the A453 and the new XX key will fit the lock on the gate near Bob Marshall’s / Burrows farm.

Please keep the gates locked after entry and exit. If you find a gate open, please lock it.

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Work Parties cancelled

Due to the success of last weekend’s work parties there is no more work needed and therefore this weekend’s and next weekend’s work parties have been cancelled.

Thankyou to everyone that turned up for your help and support.

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